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Other than striving for the unattainable I use my whole potential 智能 to achieve what is possible for the good of human being’s nature

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The idea has risen to set up a foundation when I came to realize that we are very estranged from ourselves. During the evolution we have been driven away from our essence, life intention, core, heart and souls of our being. This alienation means that we have no clarity about our own nature as a wholeness, nor awareness of our existence as beings belonging to the earth and the whole universe. For many people this estrangement from their own nature is even worse. For them the unity with something bigger than the self as a person is unthinkable. As for me: I want to know about my nature as a human being and love it for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I have found two instruments. Through working with them I learn from these wisdoms.  They give me inside information and energy which I can use for myself and others. Instead of losing, I induce qi.

Zhineng Qigong 智能气功  I started to learn about the science, the mental and physical education and meditative exercises in 2008. Years earlier I had studied and experienced different methods of constellation work with many teachers, supervisors, therapists, counselors and facilitators. Through learning and working with both areas of knowledge, I have integrated and assimilated these eastern and western gifts. The knowledge and skills are helping me to develop my potential.智能. Meanwhile I have developed systemic constellation work to a practice for development oriented research. The given name Systemic Transition expresses how it works. The structural change comes from multiple dimensions. Passing on the content knowledge and methods of use 传承 has added an extra dimension. Earlier circumstances have not been right for increasing my vitality and wisdom. Now my life is more sparkling. Apparently, I’m due for a growth spurt.

  • Zhineng Qigong is one of many qigong practices, all treasures of 5000 years Chinese civilization. Traditional, once esoteric forms of body/mind exercises were secretly practiced by the sages. Nowadays practices are more openly known. They all stress the conscious use of the mind and inward seeking approach. The most remarkable differences between other qigongs is the open form, as well as the developmental research as part of the discipline: ‘Practice repeatedly to reinvent yourself creatively’. It is a oneness of esoteric and exoteric brilliance which allows us to blossom again. In the 1980s Dr. Pang Ming, doctor in western and eastern medicine and grandmaster in many classic qigongs and martial arts has changed traditional qigong practice into scientific study, a practice meant for the society and mass public and a way of life. On the path of trial and error he created a new science with a unique methodology and epistemological foundation and called his creation Zhineng Qigong.  Qigong had been evolved from simple, to complex and very competitive,  to simple again. The special art of Cultivation Intelligence-Energy has inherited the essential wisdom of traditional qigongs stemming from Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Traditional Chinese medicine, traditional martial arts and folk religions. From the ancient Chinese civilizations, as well from the explorations of modern science, medicine and philosophy it has absorbed into itself the philosophical essence of the Concept of Entirety. The Oneness of Man and Nature. Zhineng Qigong stresses also we are units of society. In fact it is human being’s nature to create culture and build up society. How we do this is human being’s responsibility. Through practicing Zhineng Qigong we are developing our human being’s capabilities. Ordinary and extra-ordinary. Zhineng Qigong gives hope for the future. With special gifts we can take the responsibility and change our future. Human beings, society and nature as oneness and healthy.
    The research upon the miraculous phenomena emerging from the practice of qigong, and the achievements of modern science have provided incontrovertible evidence of the objective existence of qi. Energy that creates and transforms. Qigong (working with qi) has developed from the stage of human being internal qi development for the attainment of inner strength and strong health to the stage of external qi development. This means exploiting the use of one’s personal practice and the treating of others, as well in other applications. It has evolved from the traditional stage of self-cultivation to the contemporary stage, wherein one benefits both oneself and others.

    Part from physical and mental care & cure it increases Self-consciousness. This means being in contact with prenatal Self energies like self-confidence, calm, creativity, caring, connectedness, being curious, clarity, courage and unconditional willing to love. This open heart and strong compassionate core makes the difference. My perception of the world has become more realistic than ever. I perceive the manifestations in and around me not only indirectly through my 5 senses. Due to the awareness of the oneness with nature and prenatal Self energies, I am one with the essence of myself. This means I naturally live my life intention. It is my inner drive. My heart is leading and one with my mind. Xin 心 . This has brought me on the path 道 of empowerment 德 of the Self. This true Self 真人 resonates brightly and shines into the world.  With this wholeness the accordingly change of the environment follows naturally.

  • Systemic Transition stands for development oriented self-research. The aim of the initiative is to refine (Self)consciousness. By giving sincere and compassionate attention to lower states of consciousness (lower selves), which have become too yang or too yin in their natural functioning, the true Self comes into its own. The practical application is via constellations of parts. An interactive process wherein the researcher (elsewhere called client) and co-researcher (elsewhere called therapist) resonate and interact with parts of the intention of the researcher, which have been given their position one by one in the workspace. Working with more participants who can be asked to resonate with a certain part is also possible. The phenomena that arise are amazing. With Systemic Transition’s respectful method genuine and astonishing meetings come into being. Some are not very peaceful and even aggressive. Others are anxious, worried or sad. But with the clear and unwavering path of honesty and compassion of the co-researcher, the researcher learns this loving way of interacting with these confused parts during the process. When the parts are acknowledged and appreciated they will trust the Self as their leader with inner peace and happiness as a natural result.

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