Zhineng Qigong Science method and practice are oneness

Zhi 智 means wisdom/intelligence/knowledge. Neng能 means ability or potential ability.
Qi气 means vital energy that transforms and creates. It is the primordial essence of all existence.
Gong 功 means work/craft/labor/skill.

Zhineng Qigong means: Working with life energy to obtain great intelligence.

Doctor Pang Ming is the founder of Zhineng Qigong and of qigong science. A grandmaster of qigong, renowned doctor of western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He studied Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism and practiced martial arts and traditional Daoist qigong under nineteen different masters. He has deepened his knowledge about nature, especially human nature being in relation. E.g., physics, physiology, psychology and various philosophies especially qigong philosophy.

Zhineng Qigong has adopted the Chinese concept of qi. Matter, energy and information. The different forms interreact and are interchangeable. The original hunyuan qi is the key. It is invisible, shapeless and has no substance, but it is not nothingness; it is a special state of existence in the whole universe. Qigong is a very profound system of knowledge, which has adopted this understanding about the primordial state of the universe in terms of life energy. Energy that creates and transforms. Physicists say mass is the materialization of energy, formless energy manifests as a form. So, one can say: our physical body is life energy in a dense form. Our wholeness is oneness of three treasures: Information, energy and matter. All three influence each other

Practicing Zhineng Qigong transforms the body (which includes the brain) into Great Health. It is about cultivating life energy and even more about cultivating consciousness. Spreading the knowledge and motivate people to turn this wisdom into practice is the main objective of the foundation ‘Stichting SkillsTransit’.  To comprehend how this can be done we western people have to learn about the Chinese concept of qi.

Qigong is a very profound system of knowledge, which has adopted this understanding about the primordial state of the universe in terms of life energy. Energy that creates and transforms. Physicists say mass is the materialization of energy, formless energy manifests as a form. So, one can say: our physical body is life energy in a dense form. Our wholeness is oneness of three treasures: Information, energy and matter. All three influence each other

Natural intelligence means also healthy state of body. We cannot separate the practice of body, qi or mind in Zhineng Qigong. The simultaneously interacting of billions of cells and the qi exchange with the outside world is the basic principle. Zhineng Qigong emphasis the practice of the combination of mind and qi or mind and body. Two connect and aid one another, each needing and using the other. This natural oneness state of yin and yang is the basic principle we are working with. It is all about becoming more aware of forms of vitality, here & now, outside and inside. The experience of vitality in one’s own movements and the felt sense of being part of a greater wholeness. Daily practice refines the acquired frame of reference and simultaneously increases our natural intelligence, untill we enter into an entirety state. From being aware of rough qi of a tiny part of our existence we grow into an awareness of the being state of the True Self which is most pure, fine and transparant. The stillness is like being in the eye of a hurricane, but it is more open, brighter, lighter. In fact there are no words for it. Dr. Pang calls this Divine Qi Yiyuanti.  In 2016 dr. Pang has published the N-tone chanting. This is a special kind of practice. It is a direct way to enter the entirety state. It works through the sense of hearing. Repeatedly chanting NNN with the leading voice of master Pang will awaken consciousness through consciousness. Yiyuanti mirrors itself.   

  • Yiyuanti 意 元 体 formless, something/nothing substance. It is also called spirit or qi of the psyche and the nerve system. It does not occupy space and exists throughout the whole body and around. This very pure and even quality is very similar to primal hunyuan qi of the universe.
  • Qi 气 more dense than the first. It manifests as emotions, sensations, impulses, feelings
  • Qi 气 most dense form of the physical body including the brain.

At the same time we are one with the universe’s primordial qi. This qi is the most pure and even. It is everywhere and it penetrates all things. Our qi of the psyche, yiyuanti, is similar. The difference is the function (ling): we can choose. We human beings can change things that are happening in ourselves and outside.

The concept of qi is a much different creation theory than modern science has adopted. Astrophysicists talk about the Big Bang. An explosion from a very hot point and the universe was created. With this understanding about the creation of all beings, it is obvious that questions that were asked to understand life, were built on this premise. It is much about thingness and linear causal relationships. A scientific attitude means placing oneself outside the great whole (while our nature is merged with all nature’s qi). Next the researcher places himself outside the life phenomena he/she observes. The researcher is supposed not to interfere with the objects he/she observes, otherwise the instrument of studies is no longer reliable nor valid. This can only be done with a technocratic vision about life. So we cheat. We act as if we are not human. The method has nothing to do with research of life itself. Life goes beyond measurability and quantification. But scientists who want to know about organic life use the same instruments that are used by physicians who want to get answers about inorganic matter.

The ancients of the east didn’t talk about why there is qi everywhere, but rather, how can one harmonize with this reality and conserve one’s life energy. Man has this life energy. “How is he going to use it?” To cultivate life energy, one needs to replenish all the life energy that’s been lost. “How?” Methods vary. Most methods trust the cultivation of jing/qi/shen. Body/qi/spirit.  Zhineng Qigong does not trust this qi of the constituted inner system. I think this is because of the accumulations of fragmentation of our thinking/acting. Zhineng Qigong chooses another way. Practitioners connect directly to all creatures’ source: the hunyuan qi of the universe. This newest qigong method has quick results.

Balanced healthy actions

Practicing Zhineng Qigong and not knowing about the oneness with nature’s qi you cannot transform into a Great Healthy state. You have not learned about yourself as a whole. With an entirety-being state there is, and can be, no isolated of fragmentary experience of a thing, event, process or condition. So this is our goal. Practicing repeatedly, we will enter this qigong state. With a higher state of consciousness, we will not only naturally transform into a healthier state, but we are also able to change the outside world including our mother earth into a peaceful healthy place. So there is hope: our own nature can be the last resort when we dare to change our attitude towards life.

After building up the qi field practitioners’ life intentions are very present and already working. Hun yuan ling tong 混元灵通.
Practicing means moving our unified body/mind simultaneously. Making soft, round, simple movements out/in; open/close; disperse/absorb. Meanwhile transformation takes place. The mind is peaceful and concentrated, focused in the movements. This ensures good coordination between inner communication and physical movements. Going with the flow and being fully aware. The practitioner experiences this oneness: practice-based evidence. The information and energies of this way of ‘thinking/not thinking’ and living, integrates and assimilates top-down and bottom-up. Objective and subjective are one Gestalt. This consolidates the unification of deep relaxation and a clear mind. The self-healing ability that during the evolution has been deteriorated gets more space for functioning very well. At the same time, while giving time=life to this practice it induces qi inside out.

The Chinese government department of Sports has declared Zhineng Qigong as most effective qigong for groups for healing diseases. Unfortunately, the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training & Recovery Center has been closed in 2001 for political reasons. Fortunately, teachers who are trained by dr. Pang Ming are spreading the teachings all over the world. Nowadays many people know about this great wisdom. They practice daily their own intelligence with this intelligent zhi 智 qigong. Because the movements are very simple and the practice is mainly concerned about relaxation, this qigong can be practiced by young, old, sick and healthy people. Everybody will make progress.

The body is miraculous in its design and flexibility. It is always renewing and refreshing itself. Especially after experiencing trauma it seeks for a new balance. The person will naturally heal when he/she can return to a calm peaceful state as quickly as possible. Fixation on occurrences will obstruct the self-healing process. Chronic imbalance, whether called physical, mental or emotional, is a disruption in the energy system. Parts of the inner organization are no longer well matched, neither to the wholeness nor to the environment. Communication between parts is not healthy because some parts act or react too excessively and others are banished. The first are protectors who have taken over the responsibility from the Self.  With the best intentions they do not allow the exiles to express themselves. Protectors suppress out of a profound conviction that these so called weak parts will harm the system. When this imbalance in the inner organization goes on too long it gets fixed. But when human being’s Self is no longer leader of the inner system this has impact on the self-healing ability. The parts who have taken over are out of connection with prenatal Self energies as (Self)-confidence calmness, connectedness, creativity, curiosity and clarity. Their main purpose is to prevent hazardous situations. They immediately get triggered when potentially dangerous situations occur. This is the case when early in life a person often had to respond to stressful and overwhelming situations. In the deeper layers of the brain, this has nailed a certain belief and a specific attitude in the body qi. However, this information and energy patterns of parts are not working life saving in the present. It works as a filter. With the automated iteratively information process that gets triggered, the person cannot see reality because it closes the heart and narrows the senses. Also the mind’s eye is unclear and getting blurred. Fixed ancient information and energies lead the senses to the same theme over and over again. The infinite possibilities beyond this data-processing framework are missed.

Zhineng qigong practitioners not only take the three-dimensional world of measurable matter as from the physical body seriously. We know about the 4th and 5th dimensions of time and consciousness and are openhearted for higher dimensions. Qi cultivation is not the most fundamental of Zhineng Qigong. The mastery of qi is achieved by mastery of consciousness. Learning about ourselves and Self energies the energy flow in the body will optimize. This leads to a highly developed consciousness and Great Health. Unlike with ordinary consciousness, man is not excluded but participates holistically with the wholeness. Objective and subjective are one. A Gestalt.  

Zhineng Qigong versus Worlds of Negotiations

Health is a big issue, but we prefer to combat illness and fight against malignancies. Zhineng qigong’ s starting point is to develop Great Health by being open to infinite potential. By allowing body, qi and mind to work together with qi of nature, a natural process has been started which brings information and energy what is needed here & now. Disease means that qi does not flow very well. Parts of the inner organization do not work well together and some even work against each other. When these inner conflicts take too long, certain parts get used to excessive working. The aim of these proactive workaholics is to determine life hazards. This information of protectors has been recorded into the procedural memory. However, long term dominance of these survival parts block other parts of their natural functioning. As a result, consciousness lacks important information and energy. For example, feeling things consciously is becoming more and more deficient. Crucial information stays in the subconscious area. Man is estranged from this great source of information and energy.

Parts who work monolithic are estranged from prenatal Self energies: (self)confidence, clarity, being curious, calmness, creativity and connectedness. Basically, these most conservative parts live in a world of negotiations, not knowing that with denial the thing that is denied gets a lot of qi, so it gets stronger. When rigid parts are the leaders of a system all vitalities of this system are focused on things nobody wants. That is how nature works.

Characteristics of Zhineng Qigong

Qi field
Skillstransit 传承 of Zhineng Qigong occurs in het qi field. The practice starts with words and sentences thinking/ speaking and at the same time carrying out what has been said. Thinking/living becomes oneness, and the information is set into the surrounding qi field. The inner and outer attitude and posture towards the immensity of heavenly and earthly powers has been established. The acquired mindset resonates with prenatal powers: calmness, self-confidence, connectedness, clarity, courage, curiosity and will power to express love.

ZQ-practitioner is teacher and student. A Gestalt. The attitude is calm, humble, and at the same time open and sincere. Human beings are multi-layered. The level of development of inner parts will differ because of the age where certain fixation has started. Zhineng Qigong inspires all parts. It is a motivating instrument. It leads to integration of all parts into oneness and to further development of the whole.

We human beings are organic in nature. Zhineng Qigong’s method stresses this open character with qi of the environment and hunyuan qi of nature. We connect with the original hunyuan qi while body qi and spirit interact smoothly. Meanwhile undeveloped qi starts integrating and assimilating in the wholeness.

Qi reactions
Calmness focus and body/qi/mind unified movements induces qi. The senses are getting better, that is: more aware. The internal organization of physical, energetic and mental powers is getting healthier and unknown or forgotten gifts develop. Some are called paranormal, but Zhineng Qigong says this is normal. It’s our human being’s nature.

During the whole process, the self-healing ability is functioning very well and the mind is expanding to a higher level of consciousness. However, it is impossible to be stable and at the same time developing into this higher state of consciousness. To achieve Great Health entails temporary imbalance. Don’t be afraid of this natural phenomenon. Induced qi reaches areas where qi has stagnated. This merging with more pure qi opens and sets free the stagnation. This means that healing has started. When the whole system is regenerated it is common that you will feel less comfortable or even feel pain. But this will pass. When you have entered into a higher state you will know about these phenomena. Frozen areas will thaw and/or sick cells will leave the body. These qi reactions can reveal physically, emotionally and/or mentally. Stay open-hearted. Let your teacher know about your experiences. All teachers and students can learn from it. Students at the foundation Stichting SkillsTransit can email via info@skillstransit.nl.


Of course, in case of serious complaints please consult your physician. Use the knowledge and wisdoms of western and eastern science to gain and support a healthy condition.