Stichting SkillsTransit

by | 4 January 2021

Netherlands Geleen,

Stichting (Foundation) SkillsTransit is founded. The mission comes from the heart.

The foundation connects people from the east and the west who work within areas of knowledge, methods and skills about cultivating consciousness. To be more specific: Through movements and (inter) actions which are made relaxed and fully aware, the improvement of human being’s health (in the broadest meaning of the word) is already present.

The foundation works as a model and catalyst for healthy inner and inter-human relations and inspires people to develop their own potential.

Inspiring my Self and others and meanwhile not losing qi but even inducing vitality, is possible when the actions come from the heart. Very naturally.

The word heart is in Pinyin: xīn. The Chinese character is .  It means: heart / mind / intention / center / core/ intelligence/ , in this case all in one.
means the unity of the physical heart the most dense form, with the more fine qi from the vitalities of the function, and the most fine pure qi of the spirit of the heart. Dr. Pang Ming calls the purest formless human being’s qi:  Yi Yuan Ti 意元体 the mind and our thinking is part of this spiritual existence but less fine.

The heart is the organ and residence of the soul that brings joy of life. It is the ultimate source of joie de vivre and creativity. All over the world, in poetry, the world of music, and in literature the word heart is mentioned as love. When the heart is leading, and the mind follows everything progresses perfectly natural and spontaneous. But when we enter the world of science, only the true reality of the three-dimensional world counts. The things are observed objectively which means independent, impartial, and reliable. All things have to be measurable. And only the things which can be observed with the eyes can be measured with the brain function that is (mostly) located in the left hemisphere. Because human being body parts and senses are very limited, the same science has created technical instruments and information technology to broaden our linguistic, rational and analytic brain trust of the left hemisphere, our senses especially the eyes and ears, and from the body the hands that can go deep into another body without damaging very much. Specialists who examine the physical heart use these technical instruments. The measured values are transmitted, and the doctor compares these with the scientific norms that are made earlier by other scientists. When the results go beyond the allowed reference rate above or below, the person who has been examined has a problem. The area (in this case the heart) has to be repaired. With medicine or an operation. Another specialist who has been educated and trained in recovery of the heart will take care of this problem of the heart of this particular human being.

In short: science takes care of objects which do not work as they should. Since this mechanical approach of (parts of) human beings is quite common, it does not surprise me that our attitude towards life has become more and more technocratic. What and moreover how we repeatedly live and think form patterns.  Due to the lifelong plasticity of the brain, these patterns engrave traces in the physical brain. But it does not structure only the mental. Our whole body is involved. How we look into the world has a different outcome when we do it with open heart, or with the heart closed out of fear, with critical eyes and always alert ears. All practice makes perfect. This means that when we often pinch and squeeze certain muscles, they will become very strong parts. All actions configure the qi in the body.  When we are focused here & now on things outside or just on a few physical parts inside, without being in contact with our own existence as a living being and wholeness, we estrange more and more from our essence. We human beings are organic in nature. This means we are open systems. What and how we live shapes the qi body and the physical. The formless qi of ideas manifests into the world and becomes cultural. That is our human being’s nature.

The thingness of the world as an image in human being’s brains is a fact. It is the fallacy of the rational mind who has taken over from the heart. He does not have a clue about the information this ‘heart-thing’ gives. And that is a natural fact. The yang and yin give both different information to the whole. It is up to the higher Self, and not to the opposite pole to take good care of all parts! But nowadays the latter is the rule rather than the exception. Workaholics have taken over and overrule other parts. Some are desperate and devoid of hope. In fact, all parts are bereft of safety and comfort when just a small part of the whole is in charge and bears the burden of command. The parts do not work together and are out of connection with prenatal Self energies such as: calmness, clarity, connectedness and Self- confidence.

Chinese philosophies do not make the Cartesian split between mental and heart energy. For eastern people body, qi and spirit (which includes the mind) are one.  Something else is unthinkable for them. The vital energy of the function of the physical brain, qi of emotions, sensations and impulses and the qi of physical body form together a oneness. Each part influences other parts at the same time. We human beings are entities but also parts of a greater wholeness. We are children of the earth and children of the universe. All living beings come from one source.

My whole life I wanted to build on healthy relations. First with my family of origin and later with others. Nowadays with my current family as my husband, sons, and daughters in law, step-grandchildren and friends. But not only them. When I learned about my own inner selves as parts of my internal family system, I became more compassionate with all living beings.

The communication inside me was not very peaceful for a very long time. And as I knew what has been trained gets into the procedural memory. This conflicting and confusing communication had become a systemic problem. So, what to do with this fixed organization? What could I do about this manifestation in the physical body that had built my character?

We are spirit embodied structure. I have noticed that when I am more aware of my inner selves and patient and respectful with them, these lower selves begin to trust me. Observing them only with an objective attitude, I would deprive the subjectivity of my selves. Mindful is not enough.  I want to give my heart the leading role. But when I want to do this, I have to shut down my overactive left hemisphere. It is yang and dominating of its own nature but has become too yang for an unimpeded flow in my wholeness. I cannot do this in a restrictive way. I would get the opposite of what I want, because more time and space is given to something I do not want in live.

But when I start my practice Zhineng Qigong by building up a qi field, my workaholics are happy. They know now they can take a break, because it is safe for all. I am calm, relaxed and caring. I can feel it in my heart. This brings peace in my whole inner environment. My life is more balanced now. With my practice I create space for my potential that could not develop due to certain circumstances. But with daily practice and learning about Zhineng Qigong, together with my developmental research Systemic Transition I meet my selves and learn about them. Space and time is here and now. All comes together in the only moment I am truly alive. The cultivation of my consciousness is going on.